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Are You Retirement Ready?

Most experts agree that you will need between 70% and 90% of your current income, adjusted for inflation, to live comfortably during retirement. Click on the videos below to learn more about the importance of getting started now!

Resources At Your Fingertips

Retirement Planning/Projection – To help you develop a customized retirement strategy based on your individual retirement goals and risk tolerance DRS offers comprehensive, easy-to-use retirement planning/projection tools available 24/7. A few minutes of proactive retirement planning today may mean a world of difference to your retirement tomorrow.

Automatic Deferral Increases – Most experts agree that participants should be saving about 15% (including any employer contributions) of their gross salary for retirement. And the later you start the more you’ll need to save. Unfortunately for most of us, bumping our savings rate up to a 15% level isn’t financially possible right now. But there is a way to ease into a higher deferral rate. Automatic Deferral Increases are a budget friendly solution to help you reach your retirement savings rate goal by gradually raising your rate each year by the percentage you elect.

Sign-up now for Automatic Deferral Increases using the online Enrollment/Change Request Form located on the Enrollment Documents page under the Documents Tab.

Automatic Account Rebalancing – Eliminate the hassle and inconvenience of monitoring your retirement account for market gains that may, over time, shift your investment strategy to a more aggressive or conservative position then you intend. When you choose Automatic Account Rebalancing your account will be periodically realigned to match your most recent investment election based on the schedule that fits your investment strategy – annually, quarterly or monthly.

Go to Preferences under the My Profile Tab to sign-up for Automatic Account Rebalancing.

Detailed Fund Information – To help you select and monitor the investment choices you are currently investing in as well as all of the choices available to you, DRS provides plan participants with detailed performance and expense information, ratings, fund classification, and a complete investment prospectus for each mutual fund.

Go to Fund Information under the Financial Tab for complete fund information.

Reaching a retirement ready state shouldn’t be left to chance. Login today to take full advantage of the retirement resources available to you.

Plan Participants Highlights

  • Tools and resources to help you reach your retirement savings goals
  • Online account information
  • Friendly, personal service that is just a phone call or click away