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When are 401(k) deferrals deposited?

By IRS and Department of Labor regulations, a plan sponsor (the company) must deposit deferral contributions and loan payments withheld via payroll deduction by the 15th business day of the month following when the deduction is made. Obviously most employers deposit contributions much quicker than they are required to by law.

The Financial section of DRS' web site allows you to view deposit information on a variety of pages including:

  • Financial: Deposits
  • Financial: Transactions by Fund
  • Financial: Transactions by Account

In addition, your Account Home page also lists the last 5 financial transactions in your account and may also include deposit information.

If you have a more specific question(s) regarding timing of deposits in your plan, please email us at the address below. Please remember to include your name and the name of your plan in your email.

How are contributions split between my accounts?

Your future investment election determines how contributions are split into the different investment options when they are deposited. Please see the Enrollment help topic for more information on how to change your future investment election.

What is vesting and where do I find it on-line?

Vesting determines how much of your account you are entitled to take if you leave the plan and is based upon your years of service with your company.

Employee deferral, rollover, and safe-harbor contributions are 100% vested at all times. Employer contributions, like matching, profit sharing, etc., can be subject to a vesting schedule. This vesting schedule dictates how much of the employer contribution you are entitled to take when you leave the plan.

DRS' web site allows you to view your vested percentage on a variety of pages including:

  • Financial: Summary
  • Financial: Market Value by Account

What account information can I view online?

To provide you with comprehensive account information DRS offers you a variety of ways to view your account including:

  • Financial: Summary (Gains/Loss, Rates of Return, Market Value, etc.)
  • Financial: Transactions by Fund (Amounts, Share Prices, # of Shares, etc.)
  • Financial: Transactions by Account (Amounts, Share Prices, # of Shares, etc.)
  • Financial: Market Value by Fund (Contributions, Distributions, Earnings, etc.)
  • Financial: Market Value by Account (Contributions, Distributions, Earnings, etc.)
  • Financial: Historical (Balances, Earnings, Returns, & Statements)
  • Financial: Deposits (Completed, Pending, by Fund, & by Source)
  • Financial: Loans (Current Balance, Interest Rate, Last Payment, etc.)
  • Financial: Distributions (All distribution payments from your account.)



If you have a specific question(s) regarding your Plan or a technical problem logging into our site, you can contact the DRS Help Desk directly via email, 24 hours a day, at or via phone, toll free, at 1-888-377-4015 Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm MT.