Foundations (Premium & Classic)

Designed especially for smaller employers and new plan sponsors

Foundations Highlights

  • No per participant fees
  • No custodial fees
  • Extensive plan design options
  • More than 850 mutual fund choices
  • Easily upgraded as the plan grows

Many small employers are reluctant to offer a 401(k) plan. They believe that a 401(k) plan will be too expensive to run, too difficult to administer and will offer too little benefit. With most administration programs, these concerns are valid; not with DRS. Our Foundations programs are different.

Foundations are 401(k) programs designed by DRS especially for small businesses. The programs feature straightforward plan design, making employer administrative duties a snap. Their discounted pricing makes them affordable and valuable plan and participant features make the decision clear.

Any small business wishing to establish a new 401(k) plan may use one of our Foundations programs. Small businesses that already have a 401(k) plan may also be able to use Foundations to optimize their plan administration. A quick review of existing plan document by DRS will help ensure compatibility with features in Foundations.

Programs that Grow with Your Business

As your business grows, our service programs grow with you. When a plan reaches more than 120 participants, an audit of the plan's financial statements and schedules by a certified public accountant or licensed public account is required by law. When your plan outgrows Foundations, we will automatically upgrade your program to provide the level of service needed.

Boosting Employee Satisfaction

A 401(k) plan signifies an employer’s commitment to offering current and future employees a competitive benefits package. A 401(k) plan expertly administered by DRS will contribute significantly to employee satisfaction and loyalty. Of course, satisfied employees are productive employees, and productive employees make for a productive company. Let DRS show you how Foundations can strengthen your small business for competitive success.



Program Highlights

  • Flexible plan design
  • An extensive list of mutual
    funds to choose from
  • Daily account reconciliation and valuation
  • Website & 800 number access for both the Plan Sponsor and Participant
  • Opportunity to expand services as your company grows