Enrollment and Education Toolkit

Enrollment Starter Kit: Your Personal Guide to Retirement Planning 

• Fully Customized Booklets

These booklets lead new plan participants through the process of successful retirement planning by helping them estimate retirement income needs, assess risk tolerance, and select appropriate investments.

Looking for an all-inclusive enrollment package to boost plan participation? DRS can provide comprehensive, easy to use enrollment starter kits that are fully customized to your plan. Available in both English and Spanish, enrollment starter kits educate novice employees about the basics of saving for retirement in a convenient booklet format that an employee can take home and review at their leisure.

Each full-color booklet includes the general financial and investment information participants need to effectively prepare for retirement, as well as worksheets and tools to help them put their strategies into action. Booklets also contain an overview of the major features of the plan, fund fact sheets, and detailed instructions on how to enroll in the plan.

If you would like to request a sample or want to order them for your company, please contact a DRS Customer Service Specialist at helpdesk@drs401k.com or (888) 377-4015.

• Targeted Enrollment Mailers 

Getting a busy signal from your employees when it comes to enrolling in the plan? Searching for a simple yet effective way to encourage participation? Look no further than DRS’ latest communication innovation – Targeted Enrollment Mailers.

These full-color 8 panel brochures are designed to educate employees on the importance of saving for retirement using easy to understand language and examples. Each mailer is customized to the individual recipient and includes real life deferral illustrations based on each individual employee’s compensation.

Mailers also include a postage paid return card to make enrollment a breeze. An employee can select their own contribution rate on the card or opt for the default percentage selected by the plan sponsor. The employee then needs to just drop the card in the mail to be enrolled in the plan.

• Custom Mailers

Have another message to get across? DRS can work with you to create a custom mailer to reach out to employees about other topics such as annual deferral increases, periodic account rebalancing, or any other subject of importance.

Let DRS help you broadcast on the highest frequency. Contact our Customer Service Department at (888) 377-4015 to order targeted mailers for your plan today!

• Paycheck Inserts

Need to increase plan participation, announce an enrollment meeting, or encourage employees to take advantage of the company match? DRS can help with fully customizable paycheck inserts to provide a simple but highly effective way to communicate important retirement plan information to all of your employees.

  • Enrollment Booster:  Encourage employees to enroll in the plan using the Enrollment Booster. Great to use for new employees or as an annual reminder to employees who have not enrolled, this insert provides an overview of the benefits of enrolling in the plan and simple 3-step instructions on the enrollment process.
  • Customized Communications:  DRS can also work with you to create a custom insert to meet your specifications. This option provides the perfect solution to announce an upcoming enrollment meeting, remind employees to contact their investment advisor for investment assistance, declare a company contribution, or to communicate any other topic of importance.
Let DRS help you get your message across to employees. Contact our Customer Service Department at (888) 377-4015 to order paycheck inserts for your plan today!

Interactive Investment Advice 

Comprehensive online investment advice and retirement planning tools seamlessly integrate with DRS’ website to allow participants to build and implement a personalized plan with a single mouse click.

Want to provide your plan participants with an easy to use, powerful, and affordable investment education program? DRS offers two interactive advice programs, GuidancePlus! and AdvicePlus!, to assist plan sponsors and financial advisors in providing a complete online investment education package to participants. The programs are available on-demand, allowing participants to work at their own pace when it is convenient for them. Printable worksheets are also available to assist participants in gathering the necessary data before the information is entered online.

Each of the programs educates participants about their investment options and helps them develop a personalized retirement strategy that can be implemented with a single mouse click. GuidancePlus! recommends specific asset class allocations based on a participant’s personalized risk assessment. AdvicePlus! goes one step further by recommending specific investment fund allocations and taking fiduciary responsibility for the advice it gives.

Please contact a DRS Customer Service Specialist at helpdesk@drs401k.com or (888) 377-4015 if you have any questions about out AdvicePlus and GuidancePlus educational packages.

Enrollment Presentation and Meeting Suite 

Made-to-order presentations and educational materials designed specifically for each plan to help sponsors and advisors promote the benefits of the sponsor’s retirement program.

Searching for the perfect tool to introduce new employees to your retirement program? DRS’ Enrollment Presentation and Meeting Suite is your one stop shop for made-to-order enrollment presentations. Just schedule the meeting and DRS will handle the rest!

Each specially made presentation is designed to familiarize employees with the major provisions of the plan and includes detailed instructions on how to enroll in the plan, plus an overview of the features available on the DRS website. Moreover, DRS can further customize these presentations to include any special content requests from plan sponsors or financial advisors to best meet the needs of their employees.

If you would like to request a sample presentation or request one for your company, please contact a DRS Customer Service Specialist at helpdesk@drs401k.com or (888) 377-4015.

Supplemental Investor Education Resource (FINRA Approved) 

DRS provides an entire array of FINRA approved investor education handouts and scripted presentations that meet the most rigorous advisor and plan needs.

For those plan sponsors and financial advisors who require a stringent approach to participant education, DRS can provide a vast array of FINRA approved educational materials to help build an employee’s financial knowledge. These educational materials are the perfect solution to provide a value-added education to employees without running afoul of strict financial industry compliance regulations.

  • Retirement Planning Presentation Suite - Great for both new enrollment meetings and increasing plan participation, DRS provides fully scripted investment education presentations to help communicate important financial information to employees.
  • Educational Handouts - Handouts can be provided to employees either as a stand-alone educational tool or may be used in conjunction with a Retirement Planning Presentation to emphasize particular concepts.

About FINRA: As the largest independent regulator of securities firms in the U.S., the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is one of the most trusted advocates for investors nationwide. Their stamp of approval is a must have for many plan sponsors and financial advisors who are committed to providing employees with up to date, accurate, and unbiased education materials.

If you would like to request a sample or request materials for your company, please contact a DRS Customer Service Specialist at helpdesk@drs401k.com or (888) 377-4015.